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Welcome to the fan site of Vasco Abadjiev

Изказваме дълбока благодарност на г-жа Янка Караджова и нейните синове Никола и Илия за това, че дариха 1500€ за изготвяне на склуптурен портрет на Васко Абаджиев.

Каним всички приятели, да присъстват на благотворителен концерт, който ще се проведе на 16.11.2013г. (събота) от 11:30ч в камерна зала "България".

На него ще бъде открит официално склуптурния портрет.

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Vasco Abadjiev

Dear friends from Bulgaria, Europe and all of the World,

Please, support our initiative to construct a monument of great bulgarian master of violin Vasco Abadjiev in Sofia by a donatation of sum in account:

BG 26UBBS 8002 1057621830 in UBB bank.

Each donator will receive a special certificate and the his name will be posted on this site.

Dear friends,
I have a good news. From 01.08.2011 the new CD of Vasco Abadjiev is on sell. Now only in Sofia but in a few  weeks in Berlin and Budapest.
It is possible to by the first CD with Bach and Paganini in Bulgarian Culture Centers in Berlin and Budapest. The last very impresive book for VA is on bulgarian but it is on way the translation on german and at spring of 2012 will be done german version.

Dear fans of violin art, welcome to this site!

Before you were fantastic performances in one of the 10 greatest violinists of the 20th century.

Not all records are of high quality as they are made in the period 1952-1956, the directly from the concert hall.

Nevertheless, I believe you will feel and appreciate the upper class of this virtuoso.